Weed It Out

Weeds.  Weedsweedsweedsweeds.  More.  Weeds.

When I first looked at the garden it was all that I could see.  It’s like when I look at my office I see: mess.  Messmessmess.  Messy McMesserson.

It’s so easy to focus on the negative.

Back to the garden.  I got in there in the dirt and started pulling the weeds out from the roots.  So satisfying.  If I grasped the plant too far up it would break at the stem and would eventually grow back with a greater vengeance.  I had to get to the root of it.  Dig my fingers in, search for the origin, and then slowly work it out of the earth.  The weed then got tossed into a bucket with other weeds.  Taken far away from the garden.  Dig back in and repeat.  And repeat.

A funny thing started to happen over time.  In the beginning I could only see the weeds.  But as I moved through the garden bed I started seeing what was actually planted in it:

Lilies.  Sedum.  Sage.  Phlox.  Marigolds.

I started to see the weeds less and the garden itself more.  The plants started to become my focus and my hands deftly moved through the earth clearing these distractions, these weeds, away from the important focal point.

Sometimes we just need to shift our focus.  There will be days when we can only see the weeds.  And those days we must work to get to the root of the actual problem.  But we must always strive to see the garden.  See the stuff that its owner has painstakingly planted and wants us to see and appreciate.  There are so many plants to chose from.  You can learn a lot about a person from the ones they have picked.


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