Cleaning House

I’m the opposite of a packrat.

I love the feeling of gettingridofstuff.  I tear through closets and drawers like a cyclone of fabric.  I throw books off shelves like they contain the plague.  I shred bills and paperwork like a rabid hamster.  I constantly reduce clutter and excess.  I give it away, I sell it, I throw it out.  Get outta my space!

But I’m only human.  I have days/weeks/months when I’m just. too. tired.  I don’t want to pick that shirt off the floor, I like the way it looks piled on top of the 46 other ones and besides it’s easier to pick up and wear again tomorrow that way. Is there a desk under that paperwork? I didn’t notice.

It’s like my yoga practice.  Every day I choose to step on the mat, I make a conscious choice to deal with my mental clutter, my physical crowded quarters, my emotional disorganization.  Sometimes I don’t like what I find. Some days when I face my Self in challenging postures I can’t find my strength in that drawer I thought I left it in.  When I’m supposed to be relaxing, my mind is a pile of un-filed papers written in voices I don’t recognize.  You cannot escape reality when you get on your mat. In fact, when you close your eyes it just gets closer and more intense.

I do the best I can.

Pick the papers off the desk one at a time.  Go through the challenging postures one step at a time.

Spend 15 minutes picking up a room.  Spend 15 minutes moving my body.  Or sitting in stillness.

Just breathe.  Start with that.  Go from there.


2 thoughts on “Cleaning House

  1. I love the feeling of getting rid of stuff too, but the energy to do so…is often lacking. I moved to a new apartment and still haven’t finished unpacking (that might have to do with my lack of furniture but until I take the stuff out of the boxes, I won’t know for sure). I can definitely try taking baby steps like you suggest though. We’ll see.

    • I totally feel that! One box at a time… Sometimes it helps to change the perspective and instead of thinking “I’m way too tired to unpack this box” you can try thinking “It is going to be so awesome when this box is unpacked and all of my things make this new apartment feel like home.” Let me know how it goes, good luck!

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