Why me?

It’s so easy to get caught up in drama.  And I don’t mean the MacBethean kind (although I suppose some people’s drama comes pretty close to it).  I mean the sort of drama we create in our lives on an everyday basis.

Don’t tell me you don’t create drama.  You are lying to yourself.

Some of my favorite drama comes from yoga.  I teach and practice Bikram yoga, which, for those of you that are not familiar, is done in a room heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit with 40 percent humidity.  Once you acclimate to it, the heat is a wonderfully healing tool that makes you feel amazing.  But if you step into the room under any sort of dehydration or state of under-preparedness (perhaps last night’s tequila shots were not such a good idea?) it feels more like the “torture chamber” from which its reputation is more widely known.

How many times in my yoga career have I flopped down on my mat with a pathetic look on my face just hoping the instructor would see me and turn a fan on?  How many dramatic flourishes have I done coming out of a posture hoping the instructor would realize they were holding it for way too long?  How many times have I left the yoga room CONVINCED that if I stayed I was surely going to die?

I plead the fifth.

sidenote: As an instructor myself, there is a reason I don’t look at student’s faces.  It’s too depressing.  I can instantly hear Sarah McLachlan singing in the background like an ASPCA commercial.  Also, I hold that posture for that amount of time for a reason.  And no one has ever been lucky enough to die in my yoga class.

We create drama.  We want to BE SEEN.  We want someone to LISTEN.  We ask WHY ME?  Why is this happening to me?

I find it helpful to re-phrase the question.

Forget about “Why is this happening to me?” How about “Why is this happening FOR me?” For instance, in yoga class, “Why can I not acclimate to this temperature and I feel all whacked out?”  Perhaps it’s dehydration, that information is happening FOR you so you can take better care of yourself.  “Why are people constantly taking advantage of me?” Perhaps you are not setting clear boundaries and that is happening FOR you so you can learn the skill and create a new precedent.

Ask WHY not to bemoan your condition but to give yourself the opportunity to grow.  No one is going to fix it for you.

Things happen in our lives that we don’t always like.  Sometimes we cause our own challenges without even knowing it.  Remember, everything is connected somehow, whether we like it or not.

Next time Life gives you something you don’t agree with, thank Life for the information.  See if you can turn it into a catalyst for positive growth.

And take that sad look off your face.  You’re starting to depress the puppies.


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