How Does it Feel?

Bob Dylan asks burning questions.  When you can understand the questions he is asking.  But really, so brilliant.

How does it feel?

Just sit with that for a moment.

I was asked recently by a student that wanted to know how far or deeply she should go into a posture.

Simple question, but the answer takes some time.  When it comes to yoga, it takes practice to learn our bodies.  Takes time to figure out the sensation of discomfort versus the sensation of pain.  How to find a challenging place, not too little, not too much.  The sweet spot.  You start to learn the feeling.

Off the mat, into your day.

Have you ever been struck by a question in your life that you weren’t really sure how to handle?  New job, new relationship, new pair of shoes (that’s a good one to ask the question with).  Take a moment to sit with it and ask yourself…how does it feel?  Remembering that discomfort is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s how we grow (except maybe with those shoes).  But ever get that gut feeling about something, it looks great on paper, everyone else loves it, but there’s something that just keeps telling you that it’s not right for you?

Listen to the feeling.

We are so often discouraged to listen to that “inner compass.” We are told:

“push through it”

“you’re being foolish not to take the offer”

“everyone else is fine with it”

“real yogis/runners/lawyers/teachers/fathers/etc. do x/y/z.”

Here’s the deal.  You are stuck with yourself for the rest of your life.  You live in your body.  You live with your mind.  You live with your decisions.  You have to deal with the feelings they resonate.  Take your time.  Ask yourself how it makes you feel.  Be proud and own what it is that makes you feel good.


2 thoughts on “How Does it Feel?

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Over time, I have discovered the difference between pain and discomfort. But in following my “inner compass,” I still sometimes get sidelined by the “fear factor” — that one feeling that we usually SHOULD ignore. And so I continue to practice and improve…

  2. I agree with Linda as far as the yoga practice,but feelings at least for me go much further and deeper than the yoga.Everyone outside the yoga studio has different things which create different feelings.Yoga is what it is and is amazing.Just enjoy it.What matters to me is how I feel and how I treat people outside the yoga studio and how I make them feel.Doing something good for someone can only enhance ones practice.Thanks for reading this and just try to do one thing today for someone.

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