You Can Take It With You

I keep having this dream about having to climb over mountains made out of cardboard boxes in order to get to where I want to go.  I wake up in a cold sweat and realize…

it’s not a dream.

I haven’t written since I just found my computer a day or two ago under a pile of clothes and framed artwork.  It looked scared and had stockpiled an inbox of e-mails that were all very irritated that they had not been answered yet.

Moving is…a process.  As I mentioned before, I part with material possessions fairly easily.  But there are certain pieces of furniture, certain knick-knacks that just don’t seem to want to be let go.

Then I have to decide which regret is heavier, the regret of getting rid of it or the guilt of keeping it (and subsequently having to find a place to put it).

Silly, silly material STUFF taking up so much roomspace and brainspace.

The good news is I had a revelation the other day in Savasana (Dead Body Pose).  I was lying there in post-yoga bliss realizing that the feeling the class had created was part of me.  That feeling of peace, of wholeness, of accomplishment, of quiet contemplation, that feeling was something that I didn’t need a moving van to transport or even a container to hold.  I am the container.  And that feeling is something I can summon at any moment I need it.  Some days there are more thoughts or criticisms or stresses blocking my path to it, but it is there all the time if I give myself a few moments and a few breaths to look for it.

Even if you are not a yoga practitioner per-se, we all have moments of bliss to call upon.  Remember a time when you felt fully at peace?  When you felt like the best version of yourself?  This is the feeling of you being fully YOU.  We are meant to feel good, it’s how we know we’re on the right path.  Even when things get challenging and crazy, know that the real peaceful blissful YOU is always there, sometimes you just need to clear some space so you can remember it.

It’s a good feeling knowing you can always take it with you.  And you don’t even need a dolly to move it.


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