In With The Tide

Some days it’s really hard to find something to write about.  Other days I am overflowing with ideas and inspiration and feel like I could write a novel in one sitting.  Today my brain feels a bit sleepy and empty which I’m sure has nothing to do with last night’s Cabernet Sauvignon.

I’m confident I used up most of my thoughts while chatting my brains out during the process of consuming it.

It’s part of being human, we’ve all been through it.  Some days I am full of energy and motivation and will not be able to conceive anything different.  Other days I want to crawl into bed and not come out again until next year.

In the moment, very often, we cannot see or believe anything beyond our current state which can be really tough on us.

When you start to get stuck, think about the waves in the ocean.  The waves come up, peak at the top, and then crash on down.  Then another one comes behind it even higher than the first, and crashes down again.

So is life.

The thing to remember about the waves is they just keep moving forward.  They have their high points, and then inevitably, their low points.  The good news about the bottom of the wave that the water level is always lowest when it’s building to come up again.  It’s a natural progression with all things.  And as all things are, it’s only temporary.

Honor yourself in your present moment, whatever it may be, and just like those waves, keep moving forward.  Moments can feel hard, but there is something always gently nudging us in the right direction.

And drink plenty of water.  Especially if you were hanging out with me last night.


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