On the Road Again

My car has seen better days.

She’s missing a hubcap.  Her newly replaced bumper from her accident has been quickly marred by my neighbors’ repeated failed parallel parking attempts. I’m pretty sure her doors are used by people in parking lots to bounce their own doors (and carriages) off of for fun judging by the amount of dings and paint transfers.  Her sideview mirror is glued on courtesy of the snowstorms of two winters ago.  I haven’t washed her exterior in…ever.  I can’t see out her side windows due to dog nose smudges.

She’s been around the block a few (billion) times.

My car has been driven across the country and back.  She has a bumper sticker that proves she drove up Mount Washington.  She has been used to move my possessions from one apartment to another on many occasions.  She has held up well to the pacing Weimaraner that spends car rides in the back seat.  She gets me and my passengers (furry and not) from point A to point B reliably and comfortably.

Sure, she may look like a hot mess, but she still runs like a champ.

She has never missed an oil change, gets regular maintenance, and whenever she has an issue I’ve taken care of it asap.

My car is surely my spirit automobile?  Some people have spirit animals, apparently mine is of the mechanical variety.  I, too, often look like a bit of a hot mess.  My legs have been scarred up from biking and rock climbing.  I pretty much always look like I just stepped out of a sauna since I am in the hot room at least twice a day.  Sometimes I forget about showers.  Yes, I may have worn these jeans 3 days in a row.  My hairdresser was horrified to find out the last time I had gotten my hair cut was January.

But, guess what?  I run like a freakin’ champ, too.  I do my yoga consistently, it’s just like having an oil change and regular maintenance done to a car.  My energy levels are high.  My joints feel great.  When my muscles get sore, I know I need to get into the hot room.  Heck, I even got hit by a car walking across the street and that yoga healed me up faster than even I expected!

Sure, it’s annoying to sit in a waiting room to get your car taken care of just like it’s sometimes annoying to take those few hours out of your day for your yoga or other wellness pursuits.  But be mindful of the advantages.  Be thankful for the effects!

It’s what’s on the inside that counts.  Although I think it is time that I do something about that shower…


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