Trust Me

Yesterday was the kind of the day that makes me remember why I love living in New England.  The taste of fall was in the air and it was the perfect hiking weather.  While my boyfriend was at work, I picked up his high-energy Weimaraner and took her to meet up with a few friends and their dogs for fun romp out in the country.

The dogs met up for the first time and got along smashingly.  They had a grand time running through the fields, fetching sticks, swimming in the water, and wandering around in the woods.  By the time I got back in the car I had a tired, happy, and well-behaved dog that I got to share a really wonderful afternoon with.  I felt very lucky to have a bond with such a great dog.

It hasn’t always been this way.

She and I had our struggles in the past.  She, being a large and high-energy breed, used to give me anxiety with her constant running around and inability to relax.  She was good at always being in the way while I was trying to get closer to her owner.  I didn’t understand any of her commands that she had been trained with, had a hard time understanding her motivations, and I don’t think she trusted me any more than I trusted her.

It took time and patience and the desire to want to create a connection and I now have a completely different perspective on her.  She is a ridiculously sweet dog that just wants to be near and loved by her humans all the time.  She is amazingly smart and well-trained and we have both grown attached to each other.  I now find it a total pleasure to hang out with her and I am happy to spend time with her.

This is the same relationship we have with our bodies and why yoga makes us feel so good.

When we first start practicing, we don’t trust the body we are trying to move and it doesn’t understand what we are asking it to do.  We are not in harmony with the postures.  It feels like a huge pain and waste of time to go into a room to suffer through the frustration of trying to work with an uncooperative body.  Why bother?

All you need is the desire to have a better relationship with your body.  You will be willing to go through the paces.  To work through the discomfort, to deal with the struggle.  Because the end result is a body that you will get along with well.  A body you can take out on nice days and enjoy without pain.  A body you are in tune with and trust when it feels good and when it needs some time to relax.  A body you are happy to call your own.

It starts with the desire.  And a few treats and back rubs along the way don’t hurt either.


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