Too Much of a Good Thing

I was given a cactus for my birthday this year.  Actually, to be technical, it is a Euphorbia Pinto.  She is over 3 feet tall, variegated, and covered in spikes.  I named her Phoebe.  She is supposed to be the easiest to care for plant you can give a person.

I’ve managed to put her in the ICU. Continue reading


Say What?

On a recent roadtrip I found myself listening to an all a capella radio station.  I like a capella but I don’t love it.  I liked the songs they were covering, though, so I got into a groove of listening and kind of enjoying the change of pace in the radio.

A cover of Deep Blue Something’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s came on, which I hadn’t heard for what seemed like a billion years.  And the chorus came on: Continue reading