Say What?

On a recent roadtrip I found myself listening to an all a capella radio station.  I like a capella but I don’t love it.  I liked the songs they were covering, though, so I got into a groove of listening and kind of enjoying the change of pace in the radio.

A cover of Deep Blue Something’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s came on, which I hadn’t heard for what seemed like a billion years.  And the chorus came on:

And I said, “What about Breakfast at Tiffany’s?”
She said, “I think I remember the film?
And as I recall, I think, we both kinda liked it.”
And I said, “Well, that’s the one thing we’ve got.”

I heard the words really clearly as it was done only with human voices and no instruments, and a lightbulb popped up in my head.  In all the years I’d heard that chorus, I never understood the lyrics at all.  I never heard the word “film” so I assumed there was a diner called Tiffany’s that they were going to eat at and then the rest of the conversation was just kinda jumbled.  When I finally heard it clearly finally the song made so much more sense and gave it a whole new meaning.  I swear the next 60 miles were spent being so excited to finally know the chorus of that darn song.

Now do I still prefer the sound of the original version to the a capella cover?  Yes.  But did the a capella version clarify information and give me a benefit the original didn’t?  Yes.

This is a reason why I choose to take yoga classes from all different teachers, whether I *love* their class or not.  The reality is, even teachers you may not necessarily prefer always have something to offer if you pay close attention and have an open heart and mind.  It saddens me when people try to avoid certain teacher’s classes because I think everyone offers value.  New teachers usually have a crisp and clear and pure direction even if their experience with helping students is still growing, their connection to the basics of the postures is still fresh.  Therefore, it’s like the a capella version of a class you may have taken from another more experienced teacher.  It’s the same info, just stripped down without the musicality of experience.

The next time someone opens their mouth to offer information or opinion, whether negative or positive, see if you can, even just for a moment, turn off the piece of you that wants to instantly decide whether you like or dislike the person.  Take the info in.  See how it resonates.  See if for the next 60 miles of your day you can carry some new teachings with you.


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