Too Much of a Good Thing

I was given a cactus for my birthday this year.  Actually, to be technical, it is a Euphorbia Pinto.  She is over 3 feet tall, variegated, and covered in spikes.  I named her Phoebe.  She is supposed to be the easiest to care for plant you can give a person.

I’ve managed to put her in the ICU.

To be fair, it was a perfect storm of events that put her there.  She was moved 2+ times in a period of 5 months.  She doesn’t like being moved.  We had a rainy last few weeks and the humidity in my room never really got down.  Mostly, I lost track of the fact that she didn’t need to be watered.  But watered her anyway.


Now I’ve got an overwatered Euphorbia that has been put in traction to support her failing roots.  She had a fan put on her for a week to dry her out.  She had surgery done to remove rotted sections.  I gave her a kyanite crystal to help summon the nature spirits to speed her healing.  I burned sage in my room.  I sprayed her in organic fungicide.  I’ve been dealing with the guilt of nearly killing a plant that was not only a gift but has also been alive probably longer than I have.

Like I said, this is the sort of plant that you put somewhere, leave alone and forget about forever and it’s perfectly happy.

Water is a great thing.  It’s essential for life.  However, as Phoebe’s fate has shown me, it is possible to have too much of a good thing.  And once you go over that line, getting back to the beginning is a long road.  This applies to so many things in life.

It’s easy to get aggressive in yoga postures and want to get deeper into the posture NOW instead of just leaving the posture alone.  Very often you end up with an injury that takes a long time to deal with before you can get back to where you started.

It’s easy to get crazy about a healthy diet to the point that you’re unable to enjoy the social aspect of dining with others.

It’s easy to become a neat freak and judge everyone else’s mess to the point of driving yourself and everyone around you nuts.

It’s easy to practice your yoga or exercise everyday without listening to your body when it needs rest to the point of exhaustion.

It’s easy to budget all your money so tightly that you can’t enjoy going out for one beer with friends once a month.

It’s easy to pack your schedule with billions of fun things but never actually schedule time for you to just sit around and chill out.

As Phoebe will tell you, DOING is way overrated and BEING is a sadly neglected thing.  Moderating the good helps us to enjoy it even more.  Phoebe will want water again one day, but right now she is perfectly content to hang out in her soft t-shirt sling, regain her strength, and dream happily of drought.


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