The Junk Drawer Dilemma

I love drinking tea.  It’s always been my “happy place” even when things around me are crazy.  Even when I teach a hot yoga class I will sip hot tea.  

I have this nice green mug with a mesh basket for loose-leaf tea and a lid to steep the leaves.  Things can get a little hectic after I teach class chatting with students so last week I just threw the basket (with the steeped leaves) back into my mug and put the lid on it.  And forgot about it.  Until yesterday.

Yesterday I thought, “ah, what a good day for a nice cup of tea!” So I pulled my teacup off the shelf, took the lid off and…

Discovered a whole new ecosystem.

The leaves saturated with water, combined with a nice covered environment and put on a shelf neglected for a week or so had grown some really funky fuzzy green and white mold.  Which I promptly disposed of, washed out, and made a mental note not to do that again…

Chances are I WILL do that again, but every time I do, I will get better at NOT doing it until it is a thing of the past.

This is the joy, and the challenge, of a yoga class.  Yoga is a born cleaner, organizer, and simplifier.  It doesn’t like clutter or filth.  It doesn’t like to open a closet door and see fashion from 8 years ago.  It doesn’t like opening the lid off the teacup to find mold.  That drives Yoga nuts.  Yoga likes to take all the tops off of all the boxes on the shelf.  It will open all the junk drawers, open all the closets, and shine a light into all the corners you have been trying to keep dark.  And oh boy, when you start to see the mess and the clutter and the craziness, sometimes it feels a lot easier just to stop your relationship with Yoga.  You think “Yoga, this is way too hard.  There is too much work to be done.  I liked being in the dark with the arthritis moving in on my joints, the clutter taking over my mind, and my muscles wasting away.  It is too uncomfortable to turn the light on and to confront all this.”

The good thing with Yoga is, it has all the time in the world.  It will help you open the boxes if you are willing to open them.  It will help you sort through your clothes if you want.  It will help you move your joints and build up your muscles.  It will help you to tighten the screws in your brain.  You just have to be willing to take it slow and realize it will feel really tough some days.  But man, oh man, is it worth the effort.

Just like my moldy teacup, once you do the cleaning, it will feel much better to maintain a  clean and tidy space then to fall back into those habits.  Sure, sometimes you will fall off the wagon and get a little mucked up, but ultimately Yoga will help you to create a new space in your SELF to hang out in.  And it is going to feel GOOD.

Have you hung out with Yoga today?  What closets did you clean out?


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