Which way are you facing?

What direction are you facing today?

No need to pull out your gps or compass (and if you’re carrying one of those around you’re probably already asking yourself that question).

Are you forward facing today? Or backward facing today? And what the heck does that mean anyway?

What I mean is, when we travel through our life, we are always moving in a forward direction but we are either focusing on the road in the direction we are traveling, or we are focused on watching the path we have already taken.

Let me give you an example. When I was younger, my mom had a Volvo station wagon. When you lifted the hatchback you could flip up seats in the trunk with room for two. So everyone in the car would be facing forward and the two people in the trunk would be facing backward like this.

When I sat in the trunk (as we are in life sometimes) I would be moving forward with the car, but facing backwards looking at the route we’d already driven over. It was fun as a kid, but if you’re the driver of the vehicle, sitting in the trunk facing backwards does nothing to help guide you to any destination.

Now think about the direction you are facing today. Are you looking forward in your day, being present to the moment and easily navigating the road? Sometimes there are roadblocks and detours, but if you pay attention and know where you are headed, it’s no problem to still end up where you want to go. Some days are tougher than others, but you always know that you are in control.

Are you facing backwards? Are you focusing on the drama of your past? Of the things of yesterday or yesteryear? Are you too busy focusing on the person that hurt you through the back windshield to see the person that wants to love you just up the road ahead? And let’s be honest, trying to drive through life while sitting in the trunk is impossible! If you’re focused on the person you just ran over, you’re never going to be able to avoid the next person you’re about to hit!

The momentum of life will always be carrying us forward in whatever direction we are facing. So make the decision today, as the driver of your vehicle, to keep your eyes on the road up ahead.


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