See a penny, pick it up…

…and all day long you’ll have good luck.

Pennies find me all the time. When I step out of my car, there will be one on the curb for me. When I’m cleaning the studio, there will be one in the dressing room. When I’m walking down the sidewalk, inevitably there will be a penny there, too. I always pick them up and put them in my pocket. When I get home I put them in my change jar.

Notice I say that they find me. I believe they are actually seeking me out. My belief is that these pennies are messages from the Universe. When I’m really in the groove with things in my life or on the verge of something exciting, I find them every day, sometimes multiple times a day, sometimes my pennies even turn into dimes and quarters!

But really. They’re just pennies. What real value do they hold?

Pennies found are FREE MONEY. Just there for the taking. One-hundred dollar bills are made up of lots of pennies (10,000 to be exact), but they’re still pennies, they simply have power in numbers. Every time I pick up a penny it gives me this inner moment of glee (it sounds like a little girl squealing like she just got a pony).

I love it.

I used to have a preference when it came to picking up pennies. I would only pick them up if “heads” was facing up. The classic belief being that “heads” is good luck and “tails” was bad luck. So I would run into pennies once in a while that I would leave behind because they were not good luck pennies. Which somehow didn’t quite sit right with me. It seemed silly to believe that free money would be less valuable or somehow cursed because of what side was facing up.

I did not run into many pennies at this point in my life.

I decided to re-frame my belief. Pennies that were facing down were just pennies I had the opportunity to pick up and make lucky. After all, all I had to do to get “good luck” from a “bad luck” penny was just turn it over and look at the other side! This made me feel more in control of my moment. Past moments with heads-down pennies felt icky – I would approach potential free money and felt powerless to pick up because of my belief. By re-framing my thoughts about it, approaching a heads-down penny suddenly felt more empowering than one that was heads up! I had the power to take that free money and not only make it mine, but make it feel even better by looking at the other side.

Starting small, is actually huge. Pennies turn into $100 bills. Writing a few sentences turns into a novel. Minutes of time in the yoga room turn into a lifetime of practice. Sometimes we hold ourselves back because of a belief (which is nothing more than a thought we keep thinking). Changing a belief takes practice. You have to be able to re-frame it in a way that is authentic to you. “I believe that all pennies are lucky because I am in control of my luck!”

That’s why practicing belief changing on the “small” things is awesome. It seems less risky so we feel better about doing it. The more you practice, the better you get at it. The practice I’ve gotten from my penny philosophy will help me when it comes to larger money numbers in the future.

What “small” belief is not serving you the way you want it to? How can you re-frame it to make it work for you?

You heard me right. Beliefs should work FOR you, not AGAINST you!!

Power to the penny.


2 thoughts on “See a penny, pick it up…

  1. Great posting, Audrey! Your penny analogy is an excellent , easy-to-grasp prescription for a powerful tool. Among my bedside reading is a book that is all about reframing thoughts and changing those negative “beliefs” by exposing them for what they are: erroneous, automatic thought patterns. Not Facts. The book: “You are Not Your Brain/the 4 step solution for changing bad habits, ending unhealthy thinking, and taking control of your life,” by Jeffrey M. Schwartz, M.D., author of Brain Lock and Rebecca Gladding, M.D. Check it out. Deborah B.

    • Thanks, Deborah, that sounds like a fascinating read, I’m going to put that on my list. I love the concept – we are not our brains. We are so much more (although sometimes our thoughts want us to believe otherwise)!

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