About this blog

Hamstrings and World Peace.

What do the two have to do with each other?

When I teach a yoga class, stories and analogies and comparisons regularly drift in and out of my brain.  One day, during paschimottanasana (stretching pose), I shared an observation with the class.

When your hamstrings are tight and cranky, your hips get tight and cranky, when your hips are tight and cranky, it makes your back tight and cranky.  When your back is tight and cranky, you are miserable and that misery transfers to the people around you who will inevitably transfer that crankiness on…

Now, by doing this posture, your hamstrings will stretch and get happier, therefore your hips will get happier, your back will feel better, you will feel better.  You will feel so much better you will make the people around you feel better and happier and the next thing you know?  Boom, world peace.

Now I know it’s not that simple.  But it could be.  My brain is constantly making connections between seemingly unrelated things.  Very often it’s yoga related.  The fact is, yoga spills into our life every day.  It actually IS our life every day.  What is yoga?

It makes me feel better to know that every action I’m doing, every thought I’m thinking, every encounter I have somehow gives me the possibility for more growth, more happiness, maybe even more ENLIGHTENMENT.

That’s a lot of responsibility, isn’t it?

I like to think of it as more of a gift.


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