I’ve moved!

It’s been a busy year behind the scenes of hamstringsandworldpeace! Lots to talk about, lots to reflect on. I’ve decided it’s time for me to stop renting and start owning (on the web that is). I’ve transferred my blog over to audreyholst.com, it’s still under visual construction but totally functional. Don’t worry, if you have subscribed to my posts, you won’t have to re-subscribe, everything has been transferred over so your word enjoyment should go on un-interrupted. Change your bookmarks and I’ll see you over there!


Which way are you facing?

What direction are you facing today?

No need to pull out your gps or compass (and if you’re carrying one of those around you’re probably already asking yourself that question).

Are you forward facing today? Or backward facing today? And what the heck does that mean anyway? Continue reading